Why I don’t use my phone while eating?

Photo by Ryan Plomp on Unsplash

I have an unhealthy relationship with food. I fast intensely to finish books or a task I’m obsessed with. It goes as extreme as 1-meal per day for a week while I’m bent over my laptop. Which is cool.

Because what’s not cool is using my phone while eating.

When I’m not reading, my mind is arranging, organising, and making sense of the data (read daydreaming), so I can’t afford to be distracted into watching something. Otherwise, all the pain’s in vain.

Phones, today, are equivalent of Menaka whom Indra sent to distract Vishwamitra from his meditations.

Again It’s no surprise that I use little of my phone during these concentrated times. I don’t feel like using it. And this accounts for my toxic relationship with food.

Since childhood, before Internet was a thing for me, I was obsessed with TV. From Cosmos to Ben 10 to Disney’s princesses to Bollywood gossips, I gulped down anything and everything I could lay my eyes on, of course, at the expense of food.

Fortunately, It wasn’t all wasted time as I use a huge chunk of this TV information as my raw material today. But I did pay for it.

Today after receiving considerable backlash from my mother on ordering another book (I couldn’t find an online copy, not even pirated) I finally sat down to think through my reading + eating habits.

She wasn’t wrong.

I should read more. I must eat more.

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