Steve Job’s way of getting great writing ideas

Nishant Raj
2 min readMay 19, 2022


In his official biography by Walter Issacson (that I highly recommend reading), Steve’s habit of turning down new ideas was hilarious at times.

Quick story:

When the idea for an iPod was presented to him by Tony Fadell, the designer behind apple’s leading products, he discarded it with a shout if not a

Honestly, that’s no surprise.

After a time, it’s what you would expect from a man who is so focused on being focused.


Something else here was at play too.

Steve Jobs didn’t listen superficially. He is not there looking at your moving lips and yapping mouth, just to be “polite.”

He listened to actually listen.

(A skill–or the most important skill, in my humble and accurate opinion–that is on the brink of extinction nowadays.)

Maybe that’s why he chose high-quality people to surround him in the first place… because he knew he was a good listener.

Anyways, after discarding a lot of ideas, he eventually turns up to his team with the one that made sense to him and told them to start working on it.

That’s how most of Apple’s top-line products came into existence.

By listening and understanding (ofcourse from a credible source).

If there is one thing you want to implement immediately in your life, it has to be this skill.

I personally got my hands on so many great ideas and recommendations just by doing this one ultra simple thing.

On that note, here’s the link to 50 Shades of Content Creation, to learn of more ready-for-you ideas to start implementing in your own life immediately:

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