How to write more by writing less

Nishant Raj
1 min readJul 5, 2022


Real life ‘Citizen Kane’ built his multi-billion dollar media empire based on newspapers…

Here are his secrets for publishing more by writing less:


Media mogul W R Hearst put the concept of synergy — cooperation of multiple organizations for greater impact — into practice.

Decades before it became a corporate cliche,


He repurposed his newspaper content into scripts for radio/TV shows that were later turned into movies.

For this, he looked for news with inherent dramatic elements that can be turned into good entertainment content.


He chose to operate his business strictly as a publisher rather than a house of writers.

He knew the true value of his content and squeezed every last drop of juice out of it.

That’s what you would want to do:


Never throw away any meaty part of your content as waste.

Repurpose them for as many pieces or platforms as you can.

Though this doesn’t mean you must cling to one of your articles and milk it till eternity.

But have your core ideas plugged at as many places as possible.

This will make writing and publishing easier.

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