How to write a best selling book with one finger

Nishant Raj
1 min readMay 20, 2022


I have this friend who just can’t write.

And instead of having nothing to say, it’s exactly opposite.

He just can’t sit down and write. It’s his worst nightmare having to sit on a desk for hours, writing.

But this attitude is doing him no good but honestly harming him.

For example, he really thinks deeply about some stuff that is useful IMO.

So what should he do…

Well, since he can’t sit and type… he better stand and speak.

There would be many smartphone apps for transcribing your voice to text. And one of them that’s easiest to use is…


With one click, it makes things ultra easy.

(Because, remember, the first principle of creating content is to send it, and send it daily.)

Though I don’t use it as much any more… It definitely makes creating content ultra easy.

That said, here’s the link to its site. Download it from here:

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