Gym trainers drops dead from heart attack

Nishant Raj
1 min readMay 21, 2022


A few months back, one of my friends’ gym trainer had a heart attack.

He was still in his late 20s, had a body chiseled of muscles, well-humored…

Bottom line you wouldn’t realize there was something so wrong with his heart.

But there was indeed something wrong.

There can be infinite reasons, but honestly gym trainers having heart attacks doesn’t feel like news anymore.

My brother who also hits the gym and is looking to make a career there, often tells me of incidents like these…

Seemingly fit people experiencing fatal injuries.


After reading a bit about it, an interview of a celebrity trainer shed light on this very phenomenon.

And he said the main reason behind this is…

Not having health checkups.

(Or, not knowing limitations or current problems of your body.)

And those heart attacks were the product of the usual suspects that everybody seems to have grown bore listening:

High BP, cholesterol, hydration, and so on.

It’s all the boring stuff.

And this isn’t only about fitness industry but almost all industries where people willfully ignore the basic “boring” stuff over shortcuts.

That said, maintain your health.

Because no matter how good you could write, if your body’s not in the right place… everything is for naught.

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